The Rotterdam Sustainable App: a tool for every visitor to Rotterdam!

24 October 2017

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Where is the SuGu Club and what is it exactly that they do? Which buildings are green, and what are the sustainable qualities of the water plaza at Benthemplein?


The Rotterdam Sustainable App was launched in 2014 as a way to offer an easy digital view of how the delta city of Rotterdam deals with water. Rotterdam is one of the 100 Resilient Cities of the Rockefeller Foundation, focussing on resilience as it relates to water, and most recently has been named the new home to the UN Global Centre of Excellence for Climate Adaptation.


Using the app it became possible to take a virtual tour of the dikes, water storage solutions and the Maeslantkering sea barrier. Since that time hundreds of other sustainable initiatives have been mapped and made accessible via the app.


Take a stroll through the sustainable city of Rotterdam, an emerging events destination


Visitors can get a head start on their visit to Rotterdam by using the app. The city’s achievements to date in the field of sustainable urban development and the ambition to remain a sustainable world port city are captured in the overview of projects visible in the app.


In recent years the app has become a favourite among students, but is also put into good use by the more than 80 foreign delegations that visit Rotterdam on a yearly basis seeking inspiration and insight. The app helps visitors identify locations of interest and provides a brief description of all of the sustainability initiatives in Rotterdam.


The unique hotspots featured in the app are a showcase for the broad network of innovative applications which will make the city and the harbour greener, healthier and economically stronger.


Inspiring examples include water plazas, multifunctional roofs, floating buildings and much discussed circular initiatives like Blue City. A number of the buildings featured in the app are also events venues. Among them are the Floating Pavilion, the nhow hotel in De Rotterdam and the aforementioned Blue City. Each of these venues have a distinct link to circular or sustainable practices, while also being unique venues for events and meetings.


But the app can also serve as a guide for technical tours and visits for conference participants. Either to create a tailored programme for a group, or to offer to your delegates as an insider’s tip for how to visit Rotterdam in a new and exciting way.


Even apps need to be resilient


Recently a new and improved version of the Rotterdam Sustainable App was released. Besides a new design, the updated app contains more content. The new theme of the ‘circular economy’ presents the entire gamut of remarkable initiatives in Rotterdam that focus on this goal. The four distinct sustainability themes for which the improved app provides the most striking examples are greenery, water, buildings, and the circular economy. Future plans include expanding the themes to include wind and sun energy related projects and initiatives.


A convenient new feature that was added to the app is a search function. Users can now not only turn themes on or off, but also take a stroll through the app as they search for keywords. And if you want to visit a specific location, you can tap the “Directions To Here” button to see the route to that location.


The app is free to download in the App Store and on Google Play. For more information about the App please click here.

For questions about the app please contact Monica Verhoek at For more information about Rotterdam as an events destination, please contact Catherine Kalamidas at



Rotterdam Partners: promoter of the Rotterdam economy
Rotterdam Partners is proud of Rotterdam and is dedicated to moving the city forward. We focus on Rotterdam’s image and promote the Rotterdam region nationally and internationally. We open Rotterdam’s doors to future visitors, companies, residents and students and show them around our city. We enthuse and inspire them. We also convince them to visit, do business, locate their companies and hold their congresses in Rotterdam. And we encourage them to come here to live or study. Rotterdam Partners is consequently responsible for city marketing, acquisition marketing and works to developing a better business climate. The Convention Bureau of Rotterdam Partners is here to support events professionals looking for an exciting destination for their next event. Our network includes more than 170 partners and Knowledge Ambassadors, and is available to those interested in setting a congress or event in the city. This is how we strengthen the Rotterdam economy in the broadest sense of the term.

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